My favourite part of my job is success. The many people I have worked with over my career that have told me their lives have been changed is the greatest satisfaction.

Truthfully, I have given these clients all the tools they need to succeed and at times it's not been easy. However, the people that succeed are the ones that put the effort in right from the beginning and they are now the ones that are fully enjoying life and enjoying fitness! You could be that person in a matter of months through enjoyable healthy eating and good exercise.

I have worked with Patrick over a year now. He came to me weighing 95kg and has since dropped 16kg down to his goal weight of around 79kg within 6 months. I have seen this mans fitness levels improve significantally and his confidence grow leaving him a much healthier and happier person. His determination and extreme hard work has turned him into the person he is today and I am very happy to have been with him along the way.

"Having spent the last year working with Tom I can only really find one word to describe the transformation and the journey and that word is amazing! But it isn't just the 15KG of weight that I have lost, it is the other changes that I find equally amazing, more confidence, a determination and motivation that I never really knew I had. It isn't without hard work, at the start I would dread the sessions knowing what a wreck I would be at the end and it was that mentality that has always stopped me achieving my goals working on my own. Very quickly as the changes started to happen I found I loved the sessions even burpees and box jumps (who knew!). So if you are reading this thinking of signing up with Tom then my advice would be do it, commit to it but know that it is going to be hard work. If you do commit then hopefully like me, one day you may look back and wonder why you never did this 10 - 20 years ago, the benefits and results can be truly amazing and in my case life changing." Patrick Foster.

/// Patrick Foster

Blair and Philip have now been training with me weekly for over a year now, they came to me wanting to improve their fitness by increasing their mobility and core strength. We have been focusing on resistance based training in their home and I have seen both of their strength and mobility improve significantly over our time working together. We have been using different equipment including free weights, bodyweight and resistance bands to complete different exercises, gradually improving week on week. I am very impressed on how much Blair and Philip have improved, we have recently completed a number of fitness tests to highlight each of their strengths and areas for improvement. A main positive outcome being that they can both hold an isometric plank for over 2 minutes!

"Recognising the importance of maintaining a degree of fitness in later life and not wanting to join a gym/fitness centre, we were interested to learn that Tom offered Personal Training sessions at one's home. Tom understands that the fitness goals of older clients are bound to be different from younger people, and he quickly came up with exercise routines well suited to our capabilities. He knows how hard to push us, so that the session achieves a balance between exertion and good fun. We have been surprised and delighted at the progress we have made in just a few months, in terms of core strength and flexibility. He deserves to succeed in a market which should see considerable growth in the coming years." Blair Wallace.

/// Blair Wallace & Phillip Ashton

Michael has also been working with me all year now, his aim was to drop some weight and start feeling better about himself. His extremely positive attitude throughout the whole process has given him some amazing success. He has dropped 7kg down to his goal weight of around 77kg within 5 months. We have now adapted his goals to start building more muscle. His fitness and strength has increased incredibly over our time working together and he is now a much more confident, influential person.

"Progress is a great thing not just physically but mentally. I decided 7 months ago I'd had enough of being unfit and not feeling great about myself. I've gone from 84kg to 77kg in that time, I'm lifting far heavier than I thought I would. (Started out lifting a 30kg bench now up to 70kg comfortably) I feel great and I want to keep pushing. I've had help from a great trainer along the way, Tom Storr has helped guide me not only with training in the gym but also with my nutrition, he's helped to give me the self belief that I can do things. I couldn't recommend him highly enough if you're looking for someone to help guide you in the right direction." Michael Wilkinson.

/// Michael Wilkinson

Sophie has been working with me most of this year, she came weighing 114kg with some serious health problems being a diabetic. She has now dropped an amazing 23kg! Her incredibly positive attitude and commitment to her diet which hasn't always been easy for her has dropped her weight down to 91kg and she is certainly not stopping there. Her energy levels when training are incredibly good compared to when she started this journey, she feels a lot better about herself and she now has the rest of her life to look forward to feeling healthy and enjoying fitness and nutrition! This weight has been dropped within a 9 month period NOT through incredibly restricted calories but through healthy food choices and good exercise.

"My journey so far has been amazing! And I know I am only half way through my journey but the difference this time is I know I can do it and achieve my goal for the first time in my life! The help and support I have got with Tom has been my turning point, when I met the team at Podfit I never thought that I would be saying 'I can't wait for my next training session!!!' And the other day I had been at college all day and all I wanted to do was one of my training sessions with Tom! Thank you so much Tom." Sophie Mainprize.

/// Sophie Mainprize

The start to Sue's journey has been amazing. In just 3 months she has lost 10KG! She has changed her diet habits, improved her movement and her fitness levels which is making her a much healthier and happier person. I am excited to take this progress even further!

"After deciding to invest in myself in April, I took advantage of the 6 week challenge... but was so impressed, I extended my membership.  I have two sessions with Tom a week, and he has really kept me motivated and encouraged me - so much so, I’ve already lost 10kg :-)  He’s given me lots of tips on diet and nutrition, and has pushed me after my holiday to get back on track. The biggest difference for me, versus my old gym, is the accountability - I know that Tom is expecting me to our appointment, and that makes me feel I must go.  I am so excited to feel my clothes getting more comfortable, and being able to get into some of my smaller clothes. 

We’ve set a new goal now for November, and I can’t see any reason why I won’t be able to reach it." Sue McIntosh.

/// Sue McIntosh

Paul is 82 years old, he suffers from dementia and has had problems with his hip and back which has forced him into a care home for a long period of time leaving him unable to walk or move independently.​ I have been working with Paul for over a year now and have seen him progress from struggling to lift his legs whilst sat down to now being able to stand up independently and also walk with a frame which has been his most recent success.

I have prepared different exercises for Paul to do over this period of time including leg mobility, posture correction and sit to stand technique. It has certainly not been easy for Paul to focus on such a long recovery but he has always shown me dedication to want to improve and I think that is the most inspirational part of this story. Anybody out there at any level of fitness can certainly progress and improve no matter what barriers they are faced with.

Paul is now out of the care home and living at home which I am so proud of.

/// Paul Whetherell

Margaret came to me at the end of 2017 looking for help with her walking as she lost some confidence after an unfortunate fall.

We have now been working on different walking techniques and improving her posture as well as building strength and mobility in her legs which has enabled her to start walking independently again.

She now has a much better quality of life and has significantly improved her confidence and it has been a pleasure working with her over this time.

Being in her 80's she has encountered various problems that have held her back but we have worked together to overcome these problems and I am very proud of her will power throughout to keep going and wanting to improve.

/// Margaret Beedham

Working with Maureen and her husband Tony has been an absolute delight over a number of months now, their aim was to create more mobility and suppleness to be able to continuously keep fit and healthy and they have both learnt and developed with plenty of new and advanced exercises. We have been working on different mobility and resistance based exercises in their home to promote more strength and mobility.

"Working on a personal level with mature adults requires special skills and sensitivities.  Tom displays these in abundance accompanied by an agreeable, easy manner.  He works with the grain of the individual, concentrating on the art of the possible!  His shrewd, incremental challenges achieve first class results."

- Maureen Loffill.

/// Maureen Loffill

"I work once a week with Tom who pushes me and ensures I continue to be motivated and can be contacted throughout the week if I'm in need of any advice with eating or home exercise; he is also understanding when something comes up and I can't make my session for whatever reason (which with uni and living away from home is sometimes unavoidable!). For me, it's definitely worth what I'm paying." Steff McGurk.

"Tom is a superb trainer, really supportive and motivating! Really nice atmosphere in the space and the sessions really work - even if you're a bit rubbish like I am!." Laura C.

"Currently I am training with Tom Storr, in just 3 weeks I saw my body transforming into a better shape and my weight loss journey started with success. Tom always pushes me and modify the training without loosing its benefit. Very well prepared." Ruba Shahzada.

"Good quality sessions with Tom. Plenty of variety in exercises which are quite demanding but well supervised and organised. A very satisfying experience." Steve Griffin.

"The support from Tom has been amazing. I love how training is completely tailored to me as an individual, and I am always given encouragement to achieve the goals I set for myself. Even if I’m having a bad day, there is no judgement and the sessions help to combat loss of motivation. The small nature of the gym means that I can really focus on my workout, as before I was always felt intimidated and out of place in regular gyms. I would highly recommend this service!." Jess Armes.

"Absolutely loved my time so far, I couldn’t do it without Tom Storr - Can’t recommend him enough... Always giving me the confidence to push my self further and actually cares about my goals!!! Wouldn’t go anywhere else, so glad I plucked up the courage to start doing this." Angie Yilmaz.

"I've been training twice a week for the last year and just have to leave a five star review for my trainer, Tom Storr! I have trained with Tom since August 2017, and he's been wonderful throughout. Tom has tailored my sessions to my needs (I have a shoulder injury so exercises needed adapting a little) and he has been flexible to my frequently changing schedule. He's been supportive and motivating and has given me tips on nutrition and additional exercises to do at home or when away with work. My workouts have been varied from boxing to weights to cardio challenges - keeping things interesting. I've improved my health, strength and fitness with Tom, as well as just generally having a laugh and some good chats! It's been great to have a friendly trainer who really pushes me when I need it. I couldn't recommend Tom more." Natalie Smith.

"Having tried numerous gyms and feeling uncomfortable and disliking the experience and never actually seeing results I decided to try a 6 month membership with Podfit. I was matched with Tom, who is brilliant, I have lost a considerable amount of weight but also feel happier, fitter and stronger. I really enjoy the sessions as they are always different and fun, I have finally learnt to enjoy exercise. Tom checks on my diet and sends me workouts to do at home and is always on hand for advice and tips when I need it, he has given me the motivation and accountability that I needed. I cannot recommend Tom and the team at Podfit enough, its such a great/fun atmosphere to train in and everyone who goes seems to get great results! I love it so much that I have decided to extend my contract for another 6 months." Jennifer Elliot.

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